Start Living with Less Clutter and More You.

Are you ready to take back your space and embrace a lifestyle of simplicity so you have more time, energy, and money to put towards what matters most? 

Then you are in the right place. 

I'm Maggie, a professional organizer and decluttering coach and I, wholeheartedly, believe that clearing the physical clutter is the catalyst to gaining the clarity and growth that will allow you to step into your next phase of life feeling lighter and calmer.

Through years of my own decluttering journey and working hands-on and online with homeowners (primarily women and mothers) at every stage of their journey and life, I've watched clutter in all it's forms, take control of homes, calendars, minds, and hearts. 

But with a coach approach to your decluttering journey, I want to help you take back that control and build the confidence in letting go so you can finally make space (physically and mentally) for more of you.

The real you. 

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Online Community

An online community for those who are ready to reach their goals through support, coaching, and accountability through bite size pieces that fit into your busy lifestyle. 

Join the Community to:

  • Learn how to clear the clutter and get organized
  • Share Your Wins
  • Ask for Advice
  • Actively Declutter
  • Stay Accountable
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Space Review

Have you ever wished you could have a professional organizer look at your space?  Then this is the perfect opportunity to find out what might be holding you back and tips to move forward. 

Use the Space Review to: 

  • Get a diagnosis on what isn't working and why.¬†
  • Receive tips to take actionable steps¬†
  • Gain momentum in reclaiming a specific space
  • Have new home or remodel design plans reviewed ¬†
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 Small Group

A small group program that was created for those who are ready to transform their space through action steps and mindset shifts. 

Join Clear the Clutter Academy to: 

  • Work through each step of my 4 step framework
  • Take massive action¬†
  • Dive deep to get to the root of the clutter¬†
  • Make living with less clutter a lifestyle not just a weekend project

Access to the course, online community, plus -text support, AND live sessions to be sure you have the support in place to stay focused on your goal. 

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1:1 Declutter Coaching

 Work 1:1 With Maggie To:

  • Uncover the meaning and cause of the clutter build up
  • Create a customized action plan to reclaiming your space
  • Receive coaching on tough decisions when it comes to what to keep and what to let go of¬†
  • Build the confidence, habits, and mindsets to prevent clutter from building back up

Choose between 3 coaching package options

1 Month / 3 Months / 6 Months

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Do you live in the New Jersey area and looking for¬†‚Äč

Done-For-You¬†‚Äčhome or office organizing services

or 1:1 in-person declutter coaching? 

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In-Person Organizing

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