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Less Clutter. More You. 


With Maggie Brittain


 Clearing the clutter isn't a one and done project.


It's a journey.


But with every step forward you take in letting go to make more physical (and mental!) space, you'll start to uncover clarity around what matters most. 


Between solo and guest podcast episodes,

you’ll hear:

  • Reminders that you are not alone on this journey
  • Actionable steps to help you clear the clutter, get organized, and STAY¬†organized
  • How clutter shows up in multiple forms and in unexpected ways
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Hi! I'm Maggie


Professional Organizer and Decluttering Coach

Helping others embrace the benefits of less clutter and more order in all areas of their lives is a message I can't help but shout from the rooftops...or if your daily routines look anything like mine,  gently chat in your headphones while doing laundry or in the car traveling to and fro! 


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Motivational and informational...


Thank you Maggie for this podcast! It helped me get my mind thinking of goals I want to achieve in decluttering my home and as a surprising bonus have been decluttering all aspects of my life. 

After thinking about it, I put it into action and you have provided motivation for me to keep going.

I feel in control, happy, and like myself again.

Keep the episodes coming 

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